Rita BR3 DOB: 10/10/2008

***SOLD to the Brackman Family***A nice solid cow that has some big horn genetics. We like the Concho on Dylan cross. We feel that this will provide some good horn genetics in our herd. Has a heifer calf from Radio R3. Will be exposed to RVR Jackson for her next calf.

Price: N/A | Status: SOLD

Sire's Pedigree


Concho 24

VJ Nestor

VJ Tommie (aka Unlimited)

VJ Curly`s Girl
Jackie Lynn 171
Shenandoah Nick
Jackie Lynn 2660

Dam's Pedigree


Arianne BR3

R3 Dylan

Ace`s Dayton Desperado

Miss Dixie 4
Mariah Butler FM53
Mr. Graves
Classic Butlerbell FM238

Service Sire
RVR Jackson
C3 Heifer 728 SOLD
C3 Bull 816 (Butler)
C3 Heifer 012


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