Trina Dode RK60 DOB: 5/1/2001

We have the privilege to own this elite butler cow. Trina has made a mark on our herd and we believe she will leave a mark on the breed through her offspring. We used a Concho 24 son, RVR Trinidad, for a couple of years and you will see his offspring throughout our herd. Trina had a high selling daughter at the Butler sale that went to Brennan and Michelle Potts of Rocking P Longhorns. We can`t thank Elmer and Susan Rosenberger enough for the great opportunity to own Trina. She has a heifer at side by Preacher R3. We have moved Trina into our house pasture for some extra care and exposed her to Rio R3.

Price: N/A | Status: FOUNDATION

Sire's Pedigree


Dode Graves FM962

Welfare RG921

Mr. Graves

Classic Gem FM225
Miss Pauline RG935
Mr. Graves
Classey Belle FM568

Dam's Pedigree


K Trina Graves

K El Presidente 500

Redmac Beau Butler

Fawnie 75
Kbar Miss Freckles 32/6
Butler Boy
Real Classey FM 387

Service Sire
Rio R3
RVR Trinidad (Butler)
Bernice Rose C3 (Butler)
Sophia Rose C3
RVR Sabrina Rose
RVR Maxine Rose
RVR Trina Rose
RVR Katy Rose
Graves Princess RK90
RVR Irish Rose SOLD
Kasey Rose C3
C3 Bull 717 (Butler)
Falynn Rose C3 - SOLD


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