Sophia Rose C3 DOB: 1/13/2014

Sophia Rose is a special heifer that came to the ranch with our acquisition of Trina Dode. She is very tame and comes up to you in the pasture for scratches. She is an own daughter of the great Concho 24. You may notice that Sophia is a full sister to the great RVR Trinidad bull that we used for a couple years on the ranch. Exposed to Radio R3 for her next calf.

Price: $900.00 | Status: FOR SALE

Sire's Pedigree


Concho 24

VJ Nestor

VJ Tommie (aka Unlimited)

VJ Curly`s Girl
Jackie Lynn 171
Shenandoah Nick
Jackie Lynn 2660

Dam's Pedigree


Trina Dode RK60

Dode Graves FM962

Welfare RG921

Miss Pauline RG935
K Trina Graves
K El Presidente 500
Kbar Miss Freckles 32/6

Service Sire
Radio R3
C3 Heifer 623 SOLD
C3 Bull 726 SOLD
C3 Bull 828 (Butler)
Dottie C3 (Butler)
Trina Too C3
C3 Bull 123 (Butler)


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