Radio R3 DOB: 3/1/2016

Owned in partnership with Robert & Kim Richey of Triple R Ranch in San Angelo, TX. Radio is showing a ton of promise at a young age. His sire is the great Trinity R3. His dam is tight twist cow out of Brown Bomber. Radio serves as an outcross on the bottom side and fits in for the twist genetics that both of our programs are going for.

Price: N/A | Status: FOUNDATION

Sire's Pedigree


Trinity R3

Concho 24

VJ Nestor

Jackie Lynn 171
Carmon SD BR3
Spanish Desperado MC 21
Carmon Santana B R3

Dam's Pedigree


Magnolia`s Ruby

Brown Bomber 126


OT Droop A Long
Magnolia Blossom 161
MF Double Droopy
MF Miss Cardenia

Fulton C3
Sage Magnolia C3 SOLD
Letty Magnolia C3 PAIR
C3 Bull 902
Brooke Magnolia C3
Sparkle Magnolia SOLD
C3 Heifer 927 (Butler)
C3 Heifer 930 - SOLD
C3 Bull 001
C3 Bull 005 (Butler)
Arlington C3
C3 Bull 009 (Butler)
C3 Heifer 012
C3 Bull 018
Max Magnolia C3
Mathis C3 (Butler)
Sister Magnolia C3
C3 Bull 025 SOLD
C3 Heifer 027
C3 Bull 031 (Butler)
C3 Bull 100 SOLD
C3 Bull 103 (Butler)
Sweet Magnolia C3
C3 Heifer 106 SOLD
Sugar Magnolia C3
Athena Magnolia C3 (Butler)
Joey C3
Chandler C3 SOLD
C3 Bull 215
Southern Magnolia C3
C3-RVR Bull 218
Steel Magnolia C3
C3 Bull 220 SOLD
Red Magnolia C3 Pending
Little Magnolia C3
C3 Bull 230
Houston C3
C3 Heifer 303
RVR Shania Rose C3
RVR-C3 Bull 311
C3 Steer 319
RVR Twilight Rose C3
C3 Bull 327
C3 Bull 328
C3 Bull 331
C3 Bull 400
C3 Bull 407


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