C3 Heifer 419 DOB: 6/9/2024

Twist genetics at work. When we acquired Dolly from the Butler Sale, our plan was to cross her with Radio in hopes of producing a true twist offspring. Crossing Slim with the Magnolia`s Ruby cow, the genetics are there to twist. Now we wait for the results.

Price: N/A | Status: FOUNDATION

Sire's Pedigree


Radio R3

Trinity R3

Concho 24

Carmon SD BR3
Magnolia`s Ruby
Brown Bomber 126
Magnolia Blossom 161

Dam's Pedigree


LAER Grizell`s Dolly

Littleace Jackrabbitslim

Ace`s Mojo

Hattie Bell
LAER Grizell`s Hope
George W. RG 92
Grizell RG95


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