RVR-C3 Heifer 420 DOB: 6/9/2024

It`s like they say, "if it ain`t broke, don`t fix it," they were talking about crossing Radio and Starlight Rose. For the 2nd time in a row, they have produced a truly beautiful daughter that we intend to take our herd to the next level with. Take a look at her full sister, RVR Twilight Rose C3. The Brenda Rose line has been very productive for both our herds and Radio remains consistent with the daughters he is producing.

Price: N/A | Status: FOUNDATION

Sire's Pedigree


Radio R3

Trinity R3

Concho 24

Carmon SD BR3
Magnolia`s Ruby
Brown Bomber 126
Magnolia Blossom 161

Dam's Pedigree


RVR Starlight Rose

RVR Handsome Jack

Concho 24

K Beauty RK98
RVR Brenda Rose
Concho 24
VJ Nestor`s Brenda


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